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Sun Tunnel Skylights Let The Sunshine In

Wouldn’t it be amazing if every room in your home was drenched in natural light — even those windowless rooms in the center? With VELUX Sun Tunnel Skylights the possibilities are endless!

"Sun Tunnels" (also known as solar tubes, sun tubes, sun pipes, or tubular skylights, etc.) is VELUX's name for solar daylight tubes. Comprised of a light-collecting dome, rigid or flexible tunnel, and interior light diffuser, VELUX Sun Tunnels are a unique daylighting solution for poorly-lit living spaces.

Traditionally, kitchens in the middle of open-plan homes, bathrooms and hallways are left dimly lit, with little to no access to natural light. These spaces usually rely on the illumination of artificial light sources, which are functional, but don’t compare to the brighter and more vibrant ambiance that Sun Tunnels evoke.

Before and After image of a sun tunnel inside a small closet

Sun Tunnels are designed to provide natural light into every room of the house — even rooms where traditional skylights or vertical windows may not fit. The result is a room filled with natural light and free from dependence on electricity for lighting during the day.

Rigid Sun Tunnels allow sunlight to channel down the tube from roof to ceiling, bringing light into your home directly. Rigid Sun Tunnels are the best option when you have ample clearance from your roof to attic. They're also our most budget-friendly option, making more natural light a possibility in more homes.

Need to add a dose of daylight to your home? Contact Colorado Home Daylighting for a free estimate! CHCD is Colorado's first-choice for VELUX Sun Tunnel installations earning 5-Star designation for our un-matched customer service and expertise.

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