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Sun Tunnel

VELUX Sun Tunnels

Brighten Any Room In Your Home

VELUX Sun Tunnel Skylights can transform any room in your home with all natural daylight.

Rigid Sun Tunnels are designed to provide the most daylight possible with a fast, smooth installation process that can be completed in less than one day. 

VELUX Rigid Sun Tunnel Skylights can be installed in less than one day and for a fraction of the cost of traditional skylights!

Low Profile Sun Tunnels

Product Features
  • Pitched flashing provides optimum angle for gathering light from all roof directions.

  • 10” tile flashing kit available. 14” and 22” tile flashings available for the TCR.

  • Impact models available for hurricane prone areas.

  • 99.99% silver reflective layer with a 20-year tunnel warranty, total reflectance +98%.

Pitched Sun Tunnels

Product Features
  • Low profile flashing give the Sun Tunnel an integrated look with the roof line.

  • Pivoting tunnel system and flexible tunnel for a quick and easy installation.

  • Impact models available for hail and hurricane prone areas.

Flat Glass Sun Tunnels

Product Features
  • Low profile glass design give the Sun Tunnel a sleek appearance on any roofline.

  • Perfect for developments where local ordinances do not allow acrylic dome tubular skylights.

  • Available in 14” rigid only.

  • Prefabricated light tunnel makes it easy to install.

Sun Tunnel Skylights

Sun Tunnel Skylights (also known as solar tubes, sun tubes, sun pipes, or tubular skylights) are a simple and cost-effective way to transform your home with sustainable, natural daylight. We are VELUX Colorado's first choice for VELUX Sun Tunnel installations, with free estimates, faster installation, and 5-star designation for unmatched customer service. 

Pure DayLight With No Color Shift

A high-impact dome installed on the roof captures light and sends it through the highly reflective Sun Tunnel, bringing pure, natural daylight into your home without color distortion.

Pivoting Tunnel System

An adjustable pitch adapter allows easy tunnel installation on any roof and captures more direct light from the sun.

High Quality Natural Lighting

The VELUX connection system cuts Sun Tunnel installation time in half, while the highly reflective material delivers the highest quality daylight into the space below.

Even Light Diffusion

Choose from three different diffuser options to go with your VELUX Sun Tunnel: Frosted, Prismatic or Fresnel. All Sun Tunnel Skylights are equipped with a frosted diffuser. 

federal tax credits.jpg

Your Solar Tax Credit

Home energy rebates and tax incentives can offset more than 30% of your skylight installation — available now for homeowners installing new skylight systems.

All VELUX Solar Skylights, Shades and Sun Tunnels now qualify for local rebates and federal tax credits! 

VELUX Solar Night Light

Federal Solar Tax Credit


A VELUX Sun Tunnel Solar Night Light is included with your installation from Colorado Skylights. Installing a Sun Tunnel Solar Night Light makes your entire Sun Tunnel installation eligible for a 30% Federal Tax Credit, saving you HUNDREDS on your new Sun Tunnel system! 

Placed discreetly inside your Sun Tunnel skylight, the VELUX Solar Night Light offers a soft, moon-like glow after the sun goes down. Sun Tunnel Solar Night Lights are perfect for lighting bathrooms, hallways, closets and more without the need for harsh overhead lighting.

VELUX Solar Night Light Savings

Our Most Popular Sun Tunnel Package: 
2 x 14" VELUX Sun Tunnels
Solar Night Light

Federal Tax Credit



Sun Tunnel Installation

Sun Tunnel installations are cheaper and easier than traditional skylight installations, making them the most cost-effective way to bring natural light into your home. Our expert installers have more than 20 years of experience in attic, roof and interior alterations. 

All CO Skylights installers are employees — not independent contractors other dealers use. We will walk you through every phase of the sun tunnel installation process and treat your home with the same care and attention we give to ours. 


Your installer will go into the attic to check rafter locations, take measurements, and mark off where the Sun Tunnel will be installed.


On the roof, your installer will install the upper portion of the Sun Tunnel, lens, and flashing. This will later be connected to the interior portion of the Sun Tunnel. 


The lower portion of the Sun Tunnel is installed in the ceiling above your living space, seams are sealed and the diffuser is installed to complete your Sun Tunnel installation. 


Sun Tunnel Before and After

Kitchens & Bathrooms

Sun Tunnels transform kitchens, bathrooms and other livings spaces with refreshing natural daylight.

Closets & Hallways

Sun Tunnels bring dark closets and hallways into the light without the need for overhead light fixtures.

Laundry & Utility Rooms

Sun Tunnels add mood-boosting sunlight to laundry rooms, offices and other poorly lit working spaces.

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