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Sun Tunnel

Sun Tunnel Skylights

Sun Tunnel Skylights (also known as solar tubes, sun tubes, sun pipes, or tubular skylights) are a simple and cost-effective way to transform your home with sustainable, natural daylight, We are VELUX Colorado's first choice for VELUX Sun Tunnel installations, with free estimates, next-day installations, and 5-Star designation for unmatched customer service.

Pure DayLight With No Color Shift

A high-impact dome installed on the roof captures light and sends it through the highly reflective Sun Tunnel, bringing pure, natural daylight into your home without color distortion.

Pivoting Tunnel System

An adjustable pitch adapter allows easy tunnel installation on any roof and captures more direct light from the sun.

High Quality Natural Lighting

The VELUX connection system cuts Sun Tunnel installation time in half, while the highly reflective material delivers the highest quality daylight into the space below.

Even Light Diffusion

Choose from three different diffuser options to go with your VELUX Sun Tunnel: Frosted, Prismatic or Fresnel. All Sun Tunnel Skylights are equipped with a frosted diffuser. 

VELUX Sun Tunnels

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VELUX Rigid Sun Tunnels allow sunlight to channel down the tube from roof to ceiling, bringing light into your upper level directly. Rigid Sun Tunnels are the best option when you have ample clearance from your roof to attic. 

Sun Tunnel starting price

10" Sun Tunnel




26% OFF Your Entire Install!

Ask us how to save an additional 26% on your sun tunnel installation with a Federal Solar Tax Credit — more than $200 in additional savings!

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Buy a Tunnel, Plant 2 Trees!

CHCD is donating a portion of every Sun Tunnel sold in support of the National Forest Foundation’s 50 Million for Our Forests campaign, the largest campaign in support of reforesting our publicly-owned National Forests.

For every Sun Tunnel sold, CHCD will fund the planting of 2 trees. Together, we'll restore thousands of acres of our National Forests. 

Sun Tunnel Installation

Sun Tunnel installations are cheaper and easier than traditional skylight installations, making them the most cost-effective way to bring natural light into your home. Our expert installers have more than 20 years of experience in attic, roof and interior alterations. 

All CHCD installers are employees — not independent contractors other dealers use. We will walk you through every phase of the sun tunnel installation process and treat your home with the same care and attention we give to ours. 


Your installer will go into the attic to check rafter locations, take measurements, and mark off where the Sun Tunnel will be installed.


On the roof, your installer will install the upper portion of the Sun Tunnel, lens, and flashing. This will later be connected to the interior portion of the Sun Tunnel. 


The lower portion of the Sun Tunnel is installed in the ceiling above your living space, seams are sealed and the diffuser is installed to complete your Sun Tunnel installation. 


Sun Tunnel Installation Cost

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Sun Tunnel starting price

14" Sun Tunnel




Sun Tunnel installation costs are often substantially less expensive than skylight installations, which vary greatly based on the cost of the materials and the cost of the labor. The biggest difference is seen in the cost of labor.

Sun Tunnel installations are very straightforward and can be completed in less than one day, using as few as two technicians. 

Skylight installations are much more complex and time consuming, often calling for extensive alterations to your roof and interior drywall. On top of that, drywall must be replaced and later repainted once the skylight is installed. In some cases, traditional skylight installations can take up to a week or more to complete!

When compared to the cost of materials and labor to install traditional skylights, a Sun Tunnel installation can brighten your home for THOUSANDS less!

VELUX Sun Tunnel Solar Night Light

Federal Solar Tax Credit


A VELUX Sun Tunnel Solar Night Light is included with your installation from Colorado Home Daylighting. Installing a Sun Tunnel Solar Night Light makes your entire Sun Tunnel installation eligible for a 26% Federal Tax Credit, saving you HUNDREDS on your new Sun Tunnel system! 

Placed discreetly inside your Sun Tunnel skylight, the VELUX Solar Night Light offers a soft, moon-like glow after the sun goes down. Sun Tunnel Solar Night Lights are perfect for lighting bathrooms, hallways, closets and more without the need for harsh overhead lighting.

VELUX Solar Night Light Savings

Our Most Popular Sun Tunnel Package: 
14" VELUX Sun Tunnel (starting price $899)
Solar Night Light ($30)

26% Federal Tax Credit

$688 total installation cost
More than $200 in Savings!



Solar Tube Skylight Benefits

Happier, Healthier Home

1. Solar tube skylights deliver all the benefits of natural daylight for less than the cost of traditional skylights 

2. Tubular skylights create a greener, more sustainable home using the power of the sun

3. Sun pipes brighten indoor spaces promoting better focus and productivity during work and school

4. Sun tunnels provide more natural daylight to reduce glare and eye strain caused by artificial lighting and electronic screens

5. Solar tubes transform indoor living spaces better than incandescent light fixtures

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Colorado's Sun Tunnel Installer

CHCD is Colorado's top-rated Sun Tunnel installation experts, dedicated to earning your trust with no-hassle pricing, industry-leading products and un-matched customer service.
Contact us and experience the CHCD difference today!

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Sun Tunnel Reviews

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"The VELUX sun tunnels have added so much light and look really cool. We also love the nightlight feature on them which gives a nice soft glow at night as well. CHC has been responsive, reasonably priced, timely and polite with each installation."  

— Isabel, Homeowner

Sun Tunnel Before and After

Sun Tunnels transform kitchens, bathrooms and other livings spaces with refreshing natural daylight.
Sun Tunnels transform kitchens, bathrooms and other livings spaces with refreshing natural daylight.

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Sun Tunnels add mood-boosting sunlight to laundry rooms and other poorly lit spaces.
Sun Tunnels add mood-boosting sunlight to laundry rooms and other poorly lit spaces.

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Sun Tunnels brighten dark hallways without artificial light.
Sun Tunnels brighten dark hallways without artificial light.

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Sun Tunnels transform kitchens, bathrooms and other livings spaces with refreshing natural daylight.
Sun Tunnels transform kitchens, bathrooms and other livings spaces with refreshing natural daylight.

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Kitchens & Bathrooms

Sun Tunnels transform kitchens, bathrooms and other livings spaces with refreshing natural daylight.

Closets & Hallways

Sun Tunnels Bring dark closets and hallways into the light without the need for overhead light fixtures.

Laundry & Utility Rooms

Sun Tunnels Add mood-boosting sunlight to laundry rooms, offices and other poorly lit working spaces.